Monday, January 30, 2012

Why is The Salt Cave better than the rest? Do Not Risk Your Health!

At the Salt Cave, we pride ourselves in providing effective, natural, risk free treatments. NHS approved salt therapy is only available at Salt Cave branches in Earlsfield, Tunbridge Wells, Milton Keynes and Edinburgh in the UK.
Since Denes and Sofia introduced Salt Therapy to the UK in 2009 a few 'entrepreneurs' have tried to copy the idea and have opened inferior versions of our original Salt Caves in other parts of the UK.
There are many differences in the quality of service provided in these caves, but the most concerning, and potentially dangerous difference is the use of sub-standard machines to deliver the Salt therapy.
Denes and Sofia, not only brought Salt therapy to the UK; they also worked alongside professional scientists and physicians to develop the most advanced, state-of-the-art machine to provide Salt Therapy. It is patented as the Breeze Tronic Pro medical device and is used ONLY by the Salt Cave franchise in England.
Breeze Tronic Pro was developed because cheaper alternatives, (on the market over 10 years and made by manufacturers who had never operated salt caves), were ineffective and potentially harmful to sensitive clients. They did not monitor the microclimate in the therapy room, or the concentration & penetration of the salt; indeed, some were merely cheap salt grinders. Please find a detailed comparison here.
Breeze Tronic Pro technology provides the perfect, individual microclimate for each session; generating and delivering negatively ionised salt particles at the correct concentration and penetration for each condition being treated. Balanced concentration is achieved in the therapy room using a booster fan in the outgoing air ducting controlled by the Breeze Tronic medical device to create a constant air flow in the room.  Strategic sensors also monitor particle size, humidity and temperature.
In order to see why this is important, it is necessary to understand how salt therapy actually works.
  • An artificial salt cave must generate a controlled microclimate (environment) in order for the salt therapy to have any healing effect.
  • The air inside the room must be negatively ionised, in order to draw out the positively charged mucous from the tissues of the respiratory system.
  • Particles of pharmaceutical grade salt must be ground to varying sizes, according to the respiratory condition of the person receiving the therapy
  • It is crucial to have a balanced concentration of salt particles in the air, so as to permeate throughout the whole room and deliver a constant healing effect to all occupants-not just those next to the salt outlet.
  • Salt and penetration levels must be strictly regulated for sensitive clients; those with chronic asthma, COPD cystic fibrosis and children could have attacks triggered if the levels of salt are not appropriate to their condition.
  • Unmonitored high levels of salt can cause fluid retention (lymphoedema)
We are proud of our reputation at The Salt cave. NHS approved Salt Therapy generated by Breeze Tronic Pro equipment in 2011. In the past two years, we have treated over 7,000 satisfied clients, received countless testimonials and achieved over 50 press releases (Times, Guardian, Daily Mail, etc). The reputation is built on our dedication to provide effective, health enhancing, safe treatments for our valued clients.
Any other company using our PR to promote their business has not earned their reputation honestly. These companies will also be using the sub-standard machines detailed above. Look for the Salt Cave logo, it ensures you will receive Breeze Tronic Pro technology and full benefit from every treatment.

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