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Deodorant Stone

Deodorant Stone
Whether or not these reports are correct, any man made chemicals sprayed onto our body's largest organ are more likely to be potentially harmful than a naturally occurring mineral. Our natural Deo-Stones are made from natural Bauxite Ore which we harvest and refine into pure alum crystal. Alum , one of the most abundant substances on earth, is another naturally occurring compound found in nature and present in the water drink, the food we eat and even the air we breathe. Being in salt, and not in metal form, the crystal deodorantDeodorant Stonecontains no aluminium that can clog pores and molecules are too large to be absorbed in the body or blood stream. It doesn't even try to mask your bodily smells or stop the natural process of perspiration. So if they dont do that, how do they work? First of all you wet the crystal and rub it on the areas you want to deodorise. The salt depositsDeodorant Stone stay on your skin, raising the PH level and stopping the bacteria in its track, the hydroscopic salt on your skin reduces the moisture on the areas where it has been applied.The deo-stones are the guaranteed to be free of synthetic oils, alcohol, emulsifiers, solvents and other chemical additives such as propellants which have been shown to damage the ozone layer.Although making a come back this form of deodorants has been used in the health and nutrition industry for over 20 years and Deodorant Stonesimilar natural commodities have been used in Europe ands Asia for centuries. Presented individually, or in gift set with a hand crafted onyx base Light Impacts deo stone is making a profitable return to retail of all sizes.
Deodorant stones are basically crystals of natural mineral salts which restrains the growth of odor forming bacteria in a human body. The stones we specialize in making are non-Toxic, fragrance-free, spite free and non-Staining crystals. They are available in different sizes and are wrapped up in a natural unbleached cotton container. The pure and finest deodorant stones are Aluminum and asbestos free. They are pleasantly simple, ordinary and truthfully effectual. They literally provide long lasting shield.
  • How do they work?
  • Merely wet the Stone and rub slowly onto the areas that require shield, making sure the entire area is covered.
Studies have proved that Deodorant Stone plants an unseen film of protection that prevents odor causing bacteria from forming and gives out a fresh and clean feeling throughout the day. They form an environment unreceptive to bacterial growth. This is somewhat due to the low Ph of the deodorant and perspiration combination.
“It is not a cover-up nor does it obstruct your pores. It just allows your body to function naturally while actually inhibiting bacteria growth.”
  • How to prevent your stones?
Deodorant Stones are basically salts. Therefore, they can easily liquefy if left in water. After using, situate them somewhere on a small dish or plate so that they can dry out gradually. Exposure to strong direct sunlight could possibly cause the Stone to split.
Make sure, to seize proper care while they are wet because they are greasy. Once they fall onto a hard surface they will rupture and would not be of use anymore. If you have problems holding the Stone then place a dry face flannel on your palm and then hold it with the flannel.
  • Question time!
  • What’s the difference between the Potassium alum in the stones, and aluminum?
The answer is simple. Potassium Alum occurs naturally in minerals such as Bauxite and Kainite. Potassium alum is commercially produced through a leaching process or mother liquor process. The alum that is used in the deodorant stone is in the salt form, not the metallic form whereas; it is the soil and clays that only when processed, produces metallic aluminum products. So, Potassium alum and aluminum are two different things and are produced in a different way.
You must have understood by now that we make exclusively superb deodorant stones which are non-toxic and anti bacterial basis for a fresh and odorless you!

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