Sunday, March 13, 2011

Rock Salt Lamps....!

Where To Use Salt Crystal Lamps

Where to use Salt Crystal Lamps

In Home
Salt crystal Lamps are highly suitable for daily use in the whole house. A Salt Crystal Lamp in your vicinity will help your wellness and keep the air around you healthful, clean, ionized naturally, and energetic. Best recommended in bed rooms, in living rooms, in dining rooms and in the hall way.

By Your Child's Bedside
Parents, place a comforting Salt crystal Lamps by your child's bedside. It is a completely safe and lovely night light, and will enhance your child's sound sleep, keeping the atmosphere clean and healthy.

In Office
A lamp at work can help improve your concentration and refresh you, minimizing the effects of fatigue, stress, artificial lights, artificial air environment, and the radiations from office equipments particularly the monitor's radiation.

In Computer Room
For computer users, a lamp near your computer will reduce fatigue, counter EMF (electro magnetic pollution) effects from the equipment.

In Clinics & Hospitals
Use lamp in patient's waiting rooms in clinics to create a relaxing atmosphere. A Salt Crystal Lamp glowing in your consulting or treating room assists the healing process and adds to a calming environment.

After recovery from illness
Salt lamp is a beautiful convalescent. While you recover from an illness, a lamp by your bedside will be a comforting and healthful companion.

In Massage or Meditation Room
A lamp or two in the massage room will remarkably enhance and create a natural concentration, wellness, pleasant environment and will also keep the air fresh.

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  1. You can use them anywhere but a moist area such as a bathroom