Thursday, April 7, 2011

Himalayan Crystal Salt

Himalayan Crystal Salt is over 250 million years old and is regarded as the purest form of salt for therapeutic and medicinal purposes. Although we live with salt around us every day, few people are aware of the unique healing properties found only in quality, Himalayan Crystal Salt, and how using Crystal Salt as a Salt lamp provides harmonizing health effects for adults, children, and animals.
Naturally occurring Crystal Salt is made up of over 90 minerals including sodium and chloride, making this exceptional healing aid a coveted, essential remedy and bartering device used over the centuries by civilizations throughout the world.
Prized for its effect on the environment and the body, Himalayan Crystal Salt is especially effective when used in conjunction with light and heat. Whether powered by electricity or candle, when a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamp heats up, its mineral rich surface attracts moisture in the air and in return, emits negative ions. The negative ions bind with the positive ions in the environment, clearing the air from electro-smog and dirty electricity caused by computers, TVs, radios, household appliances, cell phones, indoor lighting, and faulty outlets.
By neutralizing the harming effects from electro-smog and dirty electricity, Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps neutralize the environment, providing for a frequency that resonates in harmony with own, and that of our Earth, (around 8 Hz). The result: a natural and safe harmonizing effect on our brain, skin, nerves, circulation, and internal organs.
The natural harmonizing effect of Crystal Salt Lamps has been proven to assist in the treatment of disease, such as skin cancer, and for disorders pertaining to sleeping and hyperactivity. Crystal Salt Lamps have been tested for their effectiveness on concentration for children affected by ADHD symptoms.
Easy to install, a Crystal Salt Lamp can be placed in every room. It is recommended that for every 10 feet of room, one pound of salt be used for maximum health benefits. For the best harmonic results, using either a clear, amber, or pink bulb or candle for neutral brightness and hue is recommended. Color is a powerful influence on the harmony of the body and the psyche, adding another dimension to the balancing health effects of a Himalayan Crystal Salt Lamps.
Salt Lamps that are amber-pink in color are colors which naturally convey a feeling of security and partnership while invoking a positive effect on your constitution, nerves, and emotional state. The color orange activates the kidneys and bladder, while yellow stimulates the pancreas, liver, and gallbladder. The color pink is associated with the heart chakra, anchoring the life force, energizing blood, promoting forgiveness, harmony, acceptance, peace, and oneness.
Enjoy the health wisdom from the ancient civilizations, combine the healing energies from light and heat with those of at Pure Himalayan Crystal Salt.

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